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Where to apply perfume to make it last longer?

Ladies, how many of you didn’t ask these question at least a few times a week: “Why is my perfume wearing off?”; “What’s the best perfume?”; “Do I have to buy the best-selling perfume?”; “Do I need a top perfume?”? Well, I am sure very few of you didn’t.

But you’re asking all the wrong questions. The question you should be asking yourself is: “Where to apply perfume in odor to make it last longer?”. I bet not so many women thought about the importance of the place they apply their best perfume (source: Love The Fragrance). And you’ll see it’s not rocket science. It all lays in the small details we don’t think about, but we surely know.

best way to spray perfumeLet me enlighten you. There are few, but very useful tips.  The most essential one is spraying your perfume in pulse points, where your blood vessels are closer to the skin than others, because these points generate more heat than the rest of your body, and therefore they diffuse the scent. These points are represented by places like: your ankles, behind your knees, in the crooks of your elbows, on your cleavage, on the nape of your neck and behind your ears. And, because scent rises, your ankles are the perfect place to spray perfume on in order to make it last.

Spraying your perfume on your hairbrush is also a very good method. Brushing your hair with your very own scented brush covers it in a layer of scent that you’ll feel every time you move your head. Your perfume will last a lot longer this way, without it necessarily being a best-selling perfume nor a top perfume. But keep in mind to spray your hair only when it’s freshly-washed, because otherwise the natural oils will affect the odor.

Another important aspect is applying perfume right after you shower (or after enjoying a long and relaxing bubble-bath; that if you’re really into pampering yourself after going out and have enough time, of course), when your pores are dilated and your skin is warm. Moisturizing is an important step too, the oils trapping the scent of your perfume into your skin. But try to choose a scent free moisturizer- mixing very different fragrances might not be in your favor at all. After spraying your pulse points, careful not to rub your wrists together though, as friction will break the oil and release the scent of your top perfume earlier than you’d like it to.

Based on the same principle of trapping the scent, you might want to consider spraying your body with your all-time favorite best perfume before getting dressed. In this way the fragrance will be held once by your skin, and then by your clothes, which won’t allow it to run out too fast.
You might think that is you have a best-selling perfume you don’t have to go through these steps, but you need to be just as smart in applying it as in any other one, top perfume or not.

Even if knowing where to apply your fragrance is a pretty important step in making it last, choosing strong base notes will only be in your best interest. Notes like vanilla, pine, musk generally tend to last longer, so you might want to include one of these in your next perfume of choice.
But that’s not all, perfume, just as almost any product can be considerably damaged if it’s not properly stored. Heat, light and humidity can all break down the compounds in a perfume (even a best-selling perfume), causing it to be less fragrant. So, ladies, keep your perfume out of your bathroom, as a steamy shower or bath won’t do as much good to it as it does to you. To keep your fragrance at its best, store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, like a drawer.

Using perfume is pointless if the scent is gone before you're out of the door, so make sure to follow these easy tips for long lasting fragrance of a best-selling perfume or for a regular one: know where to apply, when to apply, how to apply and where to properly store your bottled scent. If you just follow these few, but smart pieces of advice you’d be smelling just as you want for the whole length of the day, without needing to carry an extra bottle of perfume in your purse to respray your skin.



A complete guide to understanding makeup brushes

A complete guide to understanding makeup brushes: Which Ones to Use and When

I am sure that, at least once in our lifetime, we had that awkward moment when we had to go into a cosmetic store to buy the makeup brush that we needed, and all of the sudden we found ourselves intimidated by the wide variety of choices.  The reality is that no store actually offers customers a simple yet decent explanation about what all those different makeup tools are used for. Seeing all of them next to each other may become quite confusing because, let’s face it, there are not many women that truly understand at what each and every single brush is used for. A few years ago, there were two, maximum three types of makeup brushes to choose from, and you knew in advance what you wanted to buy and how to use it.

Today, when you go to a beauty store, you must know that these makeup brushes are divided into three categories: for the face, eyes and brows. After you have learned the categories, let’s take for example the face. You must know which type of brush to use for applying foundation, which one for applying powder, blush or any other type of makeup.  If you plan on buying makeup brushes for your eyes, you must be careful not to get confused between the ones that are used for blending, eyeshadows or lining. It’s a tough purchase, but in the end, we have to agree on the fact that these makeup tools actually give us a helping hand in obtaining a perfect look, so that's why you must check out BEST MAKEUP BRUSHES GUIDE to understand them better.

Next to come, an easy guide that will briefly explain all types of makeup brushes, from brow brushes to stippling brushes:

1. Fan Brush: This is a brush that really serves for a variety of uses. Women can use it for applying blush, to blend different types of makeup products, to clean up any excess powder and even to highlight those gorgeous cheekbones. It usually costs around $3 - $5.

2. Brow Brush: This makeup brush is extremely important when you are trying to fill in your eyebrows. It was designed with an angle so that the user may cover even the thinnest areas. It usually costs around $20.

3. Powder Brush: This one is definitely the most recognizable brush of all and every woman has used it several times. It is also recommended that each makeup kit should have one of these. It general, this makeup brush is used for applying any type of powder foundation.

4. Eye Blending Brush: This type of brush was designed for perfectly blending in the eye shadow along the crease of the lids. In general, it costs around $1 - $2.

5. Lip Brush: As the name suggests, these brushes are used for applying lipstick or gloss on the lips. They are quite tiny thus allowing a more precise application.  In general, it costs around $12.

6. Kabuki: Strange name, right? Well, this brush is very short and has wide round or even flat bristles. It is used with a circular movement for applying the mineral powder. 

7. Angled Eye Brush: Defining your eyes has never been so easy and what’s even more important is that it can be simply used with gel eyeliners or you can use them along the crease of your lids in order to obtain a more precise line. In general, it costs around $20.

8. Stippling Brush: A perfect stippling brush should be made out of a combination of synthetic fibers and goat hair. It can be used for applying any type of light powder, and even for liquid or creamy products. Check bestmakeupbrushesguide to read more about stippling brushes and their purposes, as well as the best stippling brushes.

9. Eyeshadow Brush: This makeup brush is used for applying any type of eye shadow makeup. In general, it costs around $14. Usually, movie stars use airbrush makeup to achieve the perfect eyeshadow.

10. Angled Brush: The name clearly suggests its use: applying any type of blush. You must know that these brushes are quite the same when it comes to firmness as the powder brushes. In general, it costs around $41.
11. Concealer Brush: This brush is extremely narrow, firm and is tapered at the end in order to allow brushing on the concealer in a perfect manner. In general, it costs around $20.

12. Flat Brush: This makeup brush will allow you to perfectly contour your gorgeous cheeks. The corners of the brush are specially designed to allow you to apply a perfect quantity of makeup product and color right beneath your cheekbones. In general, it costs around $45.

13. Smudge Brush: A smudging eye brush will help even the most inexperienced person to obtain the much desired smoky eyes effect. The brush has soft bristles that allow you to apply the product in a concentrated area. In general, it costs around $32.

14. Brow Brush and Comb: A fun and interesting makeup tool that can be used both for the eyelashes and for the brows. This brush allows you to smooth your brows and the comb may be used to get rid of the clumps out of your lashes.

15. Angled Liner Brush: It is an extremely thin brush that is specially created for allowing you to obtain a precise line and it also allows you to choose how thick you wish the lines to be. In general, it costs around $20.

16. Blending Sponge: Even though it’s not actually a makeup brush, you must never have a makeup kit without it. It is used for applying liquid foundations and helps you obtain a flawless face. In general, it costs around $19.

17. Blending Brush: In general, this brush is used only after you have applied all the makeup on your face. Its goal is to blend it all together in order to give your face a gorgeous airbrushed effect.



Top NuMe Flat Irons to Buy

When looking to buy flat irons, a girl can sometimes become overwhelmed by the amount of choice available on the market today. NuMe are one of the highest quality flat iron brands available, which is why we have decided to review the Top NuMe Flat Irons to Buy, to enable you, as the customer, to be able to go out and select that NuMe hair straightener that will suit you best.

1. NuMe 3 Sum Flat Iron Mini Iron

mini flat ironThe first option in our NuMe flat iron reviews, which is credited as one of the bestselling top ceramic hair straighteners, is the NuMe 3 Sum Flat Iron Mini Iron and 19mm Curling Wand Set in Purple Zebra design. A great deal as it comes with 3 different products. The Purple Zebra print is attractive, and may come in handy when you can’t find it in your room!

The flat iron works with infrared heat and negative ion technology, which is great for providing precision in your hair styling, and helps to keep your hair moist. A brilliant aspect for those with frizzy hair, as it prevents it from becoming dry and dull in appearance.

The NuMe 3 Sum Flat Iron is also an excellent time-saver, as it will heat up to 410 F in minutes, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day. The only negative point about the NuMe 3 Sum Flat Iron is that it is not the newest hair straightener from NuMe on the market, and will perhaps look a little dated next to some of their more recent designs, such as the NuMe Vintage Flat Iron, which is next on the list for the Top NuMe Flat Iron to Buy.

2. NuMe Vintage Flat Iron

nume hair straightenerThe NuMe Vintage is made from 100% pure ceramic and is recommended for use on straight hair, loose curls or soft waves - a brilliant all-rounder. Again, it uses infrared technology like the NuMe Sum 3 Flat Iron. In terms of value, it does not compare to the NuMe 3 Sum Flat Iron, as the price only includes the straightener and nothing else. An excellent point about this flat iron though, is that it is available from NuMe in many different designs, such as Purple Zebra, Purple, Pink Cheetah and Giraffe - you choose depending on your style, and perhaps bedroom interior!

If you wish to create curls and waves, the NuMe Vintage is the one to buy, as its rounded plates are perfect for creating these styles. This flat iron also allows you to control the temperature; anything from 120 F to 420 F, another reason why this is a great all-rounder, allowing every girl to choose the temperature to suit their hair type.

The ergonomics of the NuMe Vintage have been brilliantly designed with a swivel handle, ensuring you can reach those annoying hairs at the back of the head, and also prevents the wire from getting tangled up (every girls annoyance). The only negative thing to say about this hair straightener is that there are probably better hair straighteners out there on the market for thicker hair types, but overall the NuMe Vintage is a great choice and contender for the Top NuMe Flat Iron to Buy, as well as coming with a 5 year guarantee (bonus!)

3. NuMe Couture

nume coutureAnother one of NuMe’s older but classic flat irons, is the NuMe Couture 1 1/3 inch Flat Iron. Its 100% tourmaline ceramic plates allows the flat iron to glide through hair like a dream, and claims to be better on thicker hair, compared to the NuMe Vintage. Like the other two choices, it works with infrared heat and negative ion technology, which helps your hair become less frizzy and more sleek and healthy.

The design is attractive, and is available in various colors: Pink, Black and Purple. It’s an easy-to-use hair straightener, as you can also determine the temperature from 140 F to 410 F, by a turn of the dial, and is another time-saver as it will heat up in a matter of minutes. The NuMe Couture, ergonomically, is great, as its excellent grip handle will ensure you can style in comfort and safety. This flat iron also has a swivel cord to ensure you don’t trip up on its lead!

The only disappointing aspect, is that it doesn’t glide as well as it claims to on thick hair, than perhaps the other brands of NuMe or brands on the market would, but when the hair is loaded with a hair styling product, it works well. Like the NuMe Vintage, it comes with a 5 year guarantee, which is useful considering the life of a flat iron. So, overall this flat iron is an excellent choice, but perhaps does not live up to its claim of being the ‘one’ for thicker hair types.

4. NuMe Wet and Dry Flat Iron

nume wet dryThe last contender on the Top NuMe Flat Irons to Buy list, is the NuMe Wet and Dry Flat Iron. Immediately this one has an advantage over the others, since it can be used on wet hair AND dry hair, allowing this flat iron to act as a hair dryer too - what a brilliant time and money-saver. But how does it work, you’re thinking. Well, its precision-engineered 1 3/4 inch floating plates, helps retain the moisture through special steam vents, eventually evaporating the water and not drying the hair out. Anyone is going to be skeptical about using this product, but it has been proven to work. The Nume Wet and Dry Flat Iron is quite inexpensive and it's considered as on of the best flat irons available for the every day girl, as well for those professional hairstylists who want to mix it up a bit.

Similar to the other hair straighteners, its plates are also made of tourmaline ceramic and negative ion technology. It heats up fast like the rest, reducing your waiting time and ergonomically like the rest, is easy-to-hold and use. It can also heat up to 410 F. I think it is safe to say that this is the top flat iron to buy, as there are no faults to be found, and meets the same expectations as the rest, plus you can use it on wet hair!

As you can see, there are many different flat irons out there to choose from, but we hope this guide has helped make your NuME purchase decision a lot easier - happy shopping!




Colognes to Buy for Your Fiance

Let’s face it, a cologne is that special touch that can make the difference between desirable and undesirable. A woman will always be attracted to a man that smells great, different and classy. Men have been using different types of cologne for hundreds of years so they can have a better smell and a better chance of attracting the opposite sex. 

The wide variety of scents that are specially designed to fit each body type and each natural body smell. This is why, if a woman know how to choose the perfect perfume, it can become a perfect gift for her fiancé. Specialists say that choosing the perfect perfume doesn’t mean just knowing the other person’s personal taste but also knowing how to choose the quality. Here are some of the most well known and requested brands of cologne that men would love to receive as a gift from their fiancé.

1.    Eros by Versace

Versace created this cologne to intensify desire and the love that the one who wears the cologne is capable of. With a combination of Italian lemon, mint oil and green apples, this cologne manages to offer a  refreshing and woody scent.

2.    Bleu De Chanel

Offering a fresh sensation with a citrus scent, Bleu De Chanel is probably one of the most requested cologne that are created by the famous perfumer Jacques Polge from the house of Chanel. The wide variety of fragrances include sandalwood, cedar, ginger and grapefruit and knowing how to choose the right one, will definitely add bonus points with your fiancé.

3.    Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Even the design of the bottle manages to catch attention in an instant. Ralph Lauren specially designed and created this cologne to symbolize masculinity and strength by offering a fresh and constant aroma of cranberry, coffee, red wood and red sage. What is even better is that this cologne can be worn both during the day and on special occasions.

4.    The One by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana decided to create a perfume that can offer an oriental scent by using coriander, tobacco and basil, all combined into a masculine product. With a touch of fresh aroma, given by the touch of ginger and cedar, this cologne is a point of reference in any man’s kit.

Despite the fact that there is a wide variety of cologne available on the market, finding the perfect one can become a great gift for your fiancé, that he will be able to use throughout the year. Even if he is one of those people that are fans of a single brand, by trying other types, or products he will soon realize that new scents come with advantages.

Vendor Spotlight: Alyne Bridal

 The era of reasonable bridal fashion

With the all inevitable busy wedding season ahead of us, fashionistas are all about the bridal collections: What’s new? Who will wear what? Will it break the bank?

The last question being the most important for many of us. That’s why the rise of reasonable bridal dresses are on the up; designers and high street stores are realizing they are missing out on a very big market. Swedish high street store, H&M, have just launched their new £59.99 wedding dress that has shocked but delighted the nation. The question is - will it last? Hopefully the bride won’t have a shock when she’s walking down the aisle… Topshop did it in 2012, but that collection was anything but traditional. The designer who did it best was Rami Kashou, who launched a bridal collection for store Bebe.

He has dressed the likes of Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, and jumped on the bridal bandwagon - to give us, yes us the general public, a chance to wear one of his creations on our very special day. His collaboration with Bebe was very unexpected as they are polar opposites when it comes to style, but the designs spoke for themselves - chic, traditional, glamorous and classy - there was something for everyone and every style of wedding.

There was the sculpted dress with a ‘wave-like’ skirt, which was inspired by architecture; the elegant hourglass silhouette that fits the upper body with a strapless bodice - great for a wedding in the countryside; the glamorous halter-neck dress with detailed jeweling on the front and back - made for a wedding in the City; the princess gown for a more traditional style wedding, clearly inspired by the Alexander McQueen dress that Kate Middleton wore, with the delicately laced arms and a flowing train; and the more unusual, off-the-arm ruffled dress, which would certainly make a statement for any bride.
The gowns were priced at $950-$2500 - a real bargain, which is why this exquisite collection really opened up the options for a bride that may not have normally even considered a designer dress.

So there we have it, an amazing collection of bridal dress created by well-known designer, Rami Kashou. Is this the end of highly-priced designer wedding dresses, or is this just the start of a new era, where you can walk down your local high street, pop into your favorite store and pick up a dress for under $500. Is it gone of the days when you have to make an appointment with the snooty woman at the desk of that popular bridal shop that potentially holds the dress of your dreams, and also the prospect of re-mortgaging your house. I don’t think so. However what it is, is a chance to bring together the masses and allow a girl to truly create the day of her dreams without breaking the budget - we salute you Rami.

High Heel Wedding Shoes

One the most important day in any woman’s life, the wedding day, everything has and must be perfect. Starting with the wedding cake, arrangements, wedding dress and shoes, a bride must demonstrate that she is perfect and she knows what she wants. If most aspects of the wedding may be coordinated by a professional, the dress and shoes are the brides own choice and, in the end, they will reflect her personality and style.

Professional stylists recommend that a wedding dress must be chosen after the bride has bought her wedding shoes, as they, believe it or not, give the tone to the entire outfit. The reality is that, choosing the right pair of shoes will only add glamour and elegance to your wedding dress but it will also elongate your legs by adding a few inches in height.

Here are a few tips that will help any bride wear her high heel bridal shoes with elegance and style:

1.    Don’t overdo with the height of the heels

If you are one of those women that are not that comfortable with wearing high heels it is important to be realistic about the height of the heels and stop fantasizing about a pair of six inch stilettos. You have to be comfortable throughout the entire day and night.

2.    Take your shoes to any fitting

By always taking your wedding shoes to every fitting, you will be sure that the length of the wedding dress is perfect and it complements the shoes. In case you haven’t bought them, take a pair that has the same heels with the ones that you will wear on that day. This advice if made for the brides to prevent any embarrassing scenes where they accidentally get the heels caught in the dress.

3.    Think about where the wedding is taking place

This is extremely important, because in case your wedding will be outdoors, it is possible you will get stuck in the lawn if you are wearing stilettos. The same goes for a perfect wooden dance floor where you may leave heel signs. The best compromise is to have heels that are a bit wider.

4.    Get ready to wear your wedding shoes

It is important to know that a pair of high heels requires the strength of different muscles and a different walking style. This is why it is important to prepare for the big day and there are 2 methods for doing this. The first one is to buy another pair with the same high heels that you can go to the office or at a party, and the second one is to wear your wedding shoes a few times around the house.

5.    Always check his height

It is a general rule that a bride shouldn’t be taller than the groom in the wedding photos. You may be surprised to see how much a pair of high heels can add to your height.

6.    Let’s dance

Dancing while wearing high heels is very different that dancing with a normal pair of shoes. This is why it is extremely recommended that you practice with your future husband while you both are wearing the shoes bought for that special day.

 Photo Credits: c32 and npiggy2 at sxc.hu


DIY Wedding Invitations

What to consider when making your own wedding invitations

Considering the rise of stationery prices and the popularity of interior design, shabby chic and up-cycling, it’s easy to see why the invitations would be the obvious area to DIY and save money.
Since there are so many options out there, we have decided to break it down to make it easier when it comes to making decisions on style, materials, and the all-important wording inside.
With this guide to DIY invitations, you will have no need to even hire your own designer - I mean, why would you? And since the invites are the first glimpse your guests will see of your wedding, you will want to get it right.

First things first - planning:

Before you begin making your invite, you will need to consider:

  • How many guests you are having
  • The date of your wedding
  • Your ceremony location
  • The location of your reception and after-party
  • Whether you will have any extras in your invites, such as a map & menu

Color scheme

The next and most important aspect is: have you decided on a color scheme? You may want to consider that your invites reflect the color scheme of your wedding. For example, matching up the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses to the color of your invite material, is very popular.

Picture or just plain words?

Another popular wedding invite design is to have a picture of the bride and groom on the front - a great way of making your invites personal. Consider: the cost of color printing. Or would you prefer to have an illustration of something linked to your wedding - for example, a french-inspired wedding could lead to having a simple illustration of macarons on the front. Consider: who will draw it - you, a friend, or will you pay an illustrator? You could also have plain and simple wording, which can be very classy and make a big statement to your guests. Consider: what fonts you will use.


Now you have all your ideas and the correct information together, you will need to decide what material you will use for the invites:

  • Strong paper or card (Glossy or matte?)
  • Envelopes - what color? The common thing to do is to choose dark if your invites are light, and light if your invites are dark
  • (And the obvious glue & scissors)

Other options for embellishments:

  • Lace
  • Ribbon (You could make a bow out of the ribbon for a nice finish)
  • Stamps (Perhaps to show the date?)
  • Shapes cut from paper, such as hearts and butterflies
  • Colored tape
  • Feathers
  • Dried petals
  • Crepe paper
  • String bows, for a rustic look


Before you get excited and send out your new invites, handmade by you, make sure you have spelt everything correctly, that all the information is correct (such as the date and locations!) and that you have written one for each of your guests. One last tip: before printing all of them, if you are doing an illustration on the computer, print one first to inspect the colors. Happy DIY-ing!

Honeymoon destination - Amankila Resort Bali

Named by Lonely Planet as one of Bali’s best resorts, Amankila will not disappoint the most picky of couples. This luxury coastal hotel resort near Manggis in Eastern Bali is a popular destination for honeymooners. The resort is situated amongst the luscious hills, which is where the name Amankila comes from, meaning ‘peaceful hill’.

If you are looking for somewhere luxurious, surrounded by greenery and frangipani trees, with plenty of activities to do when you’re not lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand, Amankila is a great choice. The climate is tropical all year around, as it is located 8 degrees south of the equator. It is recommended to visit from June to September when it is a little cooler.

The appeal of the Amankila Resort is that you will find plenty to do there. 5 minutes from the resort is the Beach Club, set in a tropical paradise of coconut palms and frangipani trees. The Beach Club is a popular spot for residents of the resort to relax, especially in the resort’s largest swimming pool. If you’re a fan of sports, you’ll find the option of windsurfing, boogie-boarding, kayaking and a ride on a Hobie Cat, the reason to visit Amankila - these are all available at the Beach Club. If your other half isn’t sport orientated, there’s the option of having a lesson, or even a sailing partner if you need one. After your trip you can enjoy a peaceful cocktail or light meal with your loved-one, whilst perched on one of the private lounging bales hidden among the foliage.

A spa day is mandatory for every honeymoon, and after your day of sports, you may need one. At Amankila you can experience a traditional Balinese massage in the comfort of your own honeymoon suite; tres romantique. Massages are also available in the massage pavilion or at the Beach Club. You can then take a dip in the signature three-tiered pool, or in one of the three pools situated on the cliff, facing out to the tranquil blue ocean. There are also yoga classes available, if you and your hubby want to get in touch with your inner self.

Why not also treat yourself in the resort boutique, which sells traditional arts and crafts, and also antiques that may serve themselves as a brilliant souvenir for your new mother-in-law.
The dining options at the Amankila restaurant are a mix of Western and Indonesian cuisine. You can opt for eating at the restaurant, or perhaps have a private and romantic dinner on the beach, whilst being waited on and cooked for by a private chef - you can also have a very similar dinner, candlelit by the poolside. Very popular with guests is the Satay evening, where you and your part-ner can enjoy a walk through the peanut plantation onwards to enjoy a traditional Balinese feast.

The Terrace, near the three-tiered pool is an excellent place for breakfast and lunch, however one of the most memorable dining experiences you will enjoy is a traditional afternoon tea in the library, where you will be served by local balinese women dressed in Kabayas. A traditional afternoon tea, not being the English kind, but in a Balinese style of ginger tea, Bali coffee and local cakes. There is also a private dining option in your suite available.
As you can see, Amankila Resort has so much to offer to a honeymooner, that it is no surprise that it is one of the best.

Photocredits: wikitravel.org